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Outside the Box

16 Apr 2018 - 29 Apr 2018


Monday 16 April 2018, 10.00am - Sunday 29 April 2018, 4.00pm

Gallery hours: 10am-4pm daily


Uxbridge Arts & Culture, 35 Uxbridge Road, Mellons Bay, Howick, Auckland

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09 535 6467


Come and experience our balloon room installation.

This will be a unique visual experience that allows you to get inside the artwork and enjoy true sensory involvement.

Everyone is invited to draw an image on a balloon and add it to the room in exchange for another balloon, once the artwork has been experienced.

Then each person takes a balloon home with them, displaying a message or drawing from someone else in the community.

This is for everyone young and old, so head down with friends and family to have a go and be part of the art.