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Silent Disco Citywalk Summer Route

16 Dec 2018

  • Photo by Dmitrii Kornilov
  • Photo by Dmitrii Kornilov
  • Photo by Dmitrii Kornilov

Sunday 16 December 2018, 12.00pm - Sunday 16 December 2018, 1.30pm


Circability Trust Central, 203-271 Victoria Park, Auckland

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The meeting point outside of the Circability building. You will see our team with the headphones and white t-shirts


General Admission $20

Family Pass (4 tickets) $70

Booking fees apply


The event is only for 30 people

Spaces are limited, so booking is required


Yana Kirakovskaya

022 438 7806


Join us in the last Silent Disco Citywalk of 2018.

It is a unique, outdoor, immersive, multi-sensory 60-min experience for 10-30 people brought to you by Papaya Stories. No dance experience is required. Come as you are and be ready to have a good time anyway.

The theme will be related to Christmas and we have a few pleasant surprises for you during our walk.

What is Silent Disco Citywalk?

It's hard to explain but so easy to experience. We will provide you with the Silent Disco headphones. This is our unique way to connect to each other, public spaces and the city. We are going to walk along the streets, dance, play and have fun while being connected to the same pre-recorded entertainment programme that contains music tunes, riddles, jokes, positive affirmations and prompts you to take part in fun games along the way.

Silent Disco Citywalk a family-friendly event. Toddlers, kids 5+ years old are welcome.

Rain or shine thanks to our sponsors, Blunt Umbrellas.