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Kids Wild Yoga with Harmony Yoga

22 Jan 2019


Tuesday 22 January 2019, 10.00am - Tuesday 22 January 2019, 11.30am


Arataki Visitor Centre, 300 Scenic Dr, Titirangi, Auckland

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$10 per child



021 134 3161


Bring your kids along to Arataki for a "Walk on the Wild Side" Yoga Journey these school holidays.

Kids will enjoy a walk in the forest followed by a fun class where their imaginations will be ignited as they shapeshift into different animal and wildlife forms (yoga poses). They will partner up and have group challenges all while getting to know each other.

The session will conclude with an earthy guided relaxation to music and deep breathing to settle back into their true nature before pick up.

Ages: 7 years and older