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Building a world-class transport network

Published: 29 January 2016

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We're getting on with improving transport in Auckland.

Becoming the world’s most liveable city means having reliable, frequent and safe public transport – improving Auckland’s train travel is part of that.

The roll-out of Auckland’s new electric train fleet was completed in July 2015. Since then there has been an increase in customer satisfaction and train travel.

Record numbers of people using Auckland public transport

Aucklanders and visitors made 15 million passenger trips in the last 12 months, a new record for rail patronage.

“Passenger numbers have been steadily growing by over 20 per cent per month,” says Mark Lambert, General Manager of Auckland Transport Metro.

“Just four months ago we marked 14 million trips. And if we go back 10 years we have just 4 million trips a year.”

Modern trains across the network

Auckland’s modern train fleet is designed with customer comfort in mind. Air-conditioning, bike and mobility access, and disability-friendly features are just a few of the enhancements on the new trains.

Quieter than the old diesel locomotives, the electric trains are cheaper to run and produce fewer emissions, making them better for the environment. A six-carriage train can take 625 cars off the road.

Improving efficiency

Auckland is growing and more people are using public transport, so the focus now is on improving efficiency and ensuring trains run on time.

Timetables are being reviewed to improve reliability and more frequent services are planned for the Western Line. But it doesn’t stop there – station upgrades, better integration with buses and a new public transport network are on the way, and will make public transport an even better travel experience.

City Rail Link a key improvement

The City Rail Link (CRL) is another key feature of Auckland’s rail upgrade. When completed, it will double the rail capacity of Britomart, allowing for 30,000 passengers an hour during peak times. In comparison, a single motorway lane can carry just 2400 people per hour.

“The CRL is the key to delivering this city’s major planning and transport initiatives,” says Mayor Len Brown. “As such, it is a top priority."

“Current public transport will be unable to cater for Auckland’s expected growth. The CRL will mean more frequent trains with more direct services to the city centre, as well as providing opportunities for development.

Quite simply, the CRL, coupled with bus improvements, is the only way to keep Auckland moving.”

The CRL will join up the rail network, allowing trains to run both ways through Britomart. Two new city centre stations will bring nearly all of the city within a 10-minute walk of a train station.

Visit Auckland Transport to find out more.