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Visit the Wintergardens

Published: 22 June 2016

Auckland Domain’s Wintergarden complex is one of the city’s warmest and prettiest heritage sites, and the perfect place to explore on a winter’s day.

The complex has two large, functioning greenhouses, open to the public year-round. One is unheated and has an average temperature of 24°C. It contains a variety of temperate plants.

The other greenhouse is heated to an average of 28°C and filled with tropical and exotic plant species.

Between the two greenhouses is a large courtyard, with a pond and several historic statues.

The nearby Fernery, located on the site of a former quarry, is another fascinating spot to visit.

Opening hours

1 April - 31 October: Monday to Sunday 9am-4.30pm.

1 November - 31 March: Monday to Saturday 9am-5.30pm and Sunday 9am-7.30pm.

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