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Unwanted TVs top inorganics list

Published: 17 February 2017

Of the multitude of items Aucklanders throw out in their annual inorganic collection some things are more common than others.

Old box TVs top the list – which isn't that unusual, since our country 'went digital' in 2013, and many of us still have one or more redundant sets kicking about. 

But what are the other things our collectors most frequently pick up? Some of the items on the list might surprise you! 

Most-collected items

1. Box TVs
2. Washing machines
3. Fridge/freezers
4. Bikes
5. Flat screen TV
6. Lawn mowers
7. Dryers 
8. Pots/plates/cutlery
9. Small appliances
10. Power tools

All potentially reusable items are taken to a warehouse in Glen Innes. Materials that have no current re-use option, such as scrap metal, are sent for re-processing, while reusable items are made available to community groups.

Since the new service began more than 80,000 residents have received a collection. The focus on recovering reusable materials saw a 26.5 per cent reduction in material sent to landfill.

Thanks to the service a substantial amount of recovered material has benefitted over 80 community groups.

Don't want to wait? Book now

Rather than waiting for a letterbox notification of your collection, simply go to our online tool, enter your address, and you'll be told the date of your collection week. 

All Auckland households can book an annual inorganic collection of up to 1 cubic metre of material (roughly the size of one small trailer load). The service runs between March and December.


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