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What’s the secret to getting active?

Published: 22 February 2017

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Friends who work out together go the distance!

When it comes to getting active, forget flying solo – there’s strength in numbers.

Exercising with a buddy or as part of a group will greatly enhance your motivation to get active and achieve your fitness goals says Auckland Council Leisure fitness lead Ritua Ali’iva’a. 

“Working out together helps you have more fun, commitment, motivation and resilience, which ultimately helps you to achieve better results,” she says.

Described as the Köhler effect – a phenomenon that occurs when a person works harder as a member of a group than when working alone – there are a number of benefits of sticking together when donning your active wear.

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So go on, grab a mate and look forward to these benefits of working out together!

1. Increases your commitment and motivation

We all struggle with the motivation to get to the gym or pound the pavement, but having workout buddies will help you avoid the incessant debate in your head about whether or not you should go and workout. It increases your accountability, which helps to boost your commitment and confidence.  

2. Helps you work harder

There’s nothing like a bit of friendly competition to get you to work harder and sweat that little bit more. Whether it’s pushing yourself to do another rep, run an extra minute or just simply showing up to the gym.

3. Learn new things

Working out alone can leave you stuck in the same old routine but working out with others can teach you new skills and exercises, which means you get more out of a workout.

“It’s important to add variety to your workouts to maintain a healthy and challenging exercise regime, and beat workout boredom,” says Ritua.

4. Support and togetherness

Working out with a friend or as part of a group makes exercising a social occasion where you can laugh, be encouraged, motivated and have a more enjoyable time than toughing it out alone. It also makes celebrating your progress that much better when it’s shared with others.  

5. Time flies when you’re having fun

With someone to chat to and try new things with, you’ll find your workout will be over before you know it – leaving you looking forward to the next one!

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