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Councillor Fletcher's special connection with Anzac Day

Published: 21 April 2017
Albert-Eden-Roskill Councillor Christine Fletcher with her grandson Sean Fletcher

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Christine Fletcher's special connection with Anzac Day.

Anzac Day is a time to remember the servicemen and servicewomen who have displayed courage and made sacrifices to serve New Zealand.

For Albert-Eden-Roskill Councillor Christine Fletcher the day has a special significance.

Her family has long been involved with active service. Her great aunt, Agnes Paterson, was a decorated Red Cross nurse in the First World War; her father, Ted Lees, was a Cassino veteran in World War Two; and her uncle, James Patterson, served in the NZ Navy in Korea.

“Anzac Day is a very symbolic day for our family,” she says.

“From my earliest childhood, we attended services and acknowledged the incredible sacrifice and bravery from past generations of our family, and other Kiwis involved in Anzac campaigns.”

A number of Anzac Day parades and services are being held in the Albert-Eden-Roskill Ward and across the Auckland region.

Visit from 11 April for full details.