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Periscope pops up in centre city

Published: 7 March 2017

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A moa-shaped periscope is keeping an eye on Freyberg Place.

A special moa-shaped periscope has been installed above the Freyberg Place construction zone in Auckland’s city centre so kids of all ages can keep an eye on the area’s development.

The moa has been named Blaze by students at the nearby Lollipops Educare centre. It provides a movable view of the work taking place below.

Creating a child-friendly city

The Freyberg Place redesign aims to create a more vibrant, child-friendly public space and the moa periscope is in line with this goal, says Waitematā Local Board Chair Pippa Coom.

“It encourages Auckland’s young people to interact with the city and the change they see going on around them,” she says.

Auckland Design Office manager Ludo Campbell-Reid agrees.

“Children should be the heroes of urban transformation."

“These fun initiatives invite our young people to engage with the changing place in which they live and encourage participation in future city building.”

Moa on the move

The upgrades to Freyberg Place and the Ellen Melville Centre are expected to be completed by mid-2017 and the moa will then move on to other development sites around Auckland.

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