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It’s wartime on pests

Published: 19 June 2017
  • Climbing asparagus.
  • Argentine ant. Photo by Dr Zoe Lyle.
  • Myrtle rust.

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Auckland Council is hosting the inaugural Auckland Pestival.

Auckland’s unique and diverse natural environment is one of our greatest treasures, and we all have a part to play in taking care of it.

Sadly we face a number of biodiversity challenges in the region, with less than 30 per cent of our original native vegetation cover remaining and our ecosystems threatened by habitat loss, contaminants and invasive pest species.

As part of an ongoing commitment to protecting our environment, Auckland Council is hosting the inaugural Auckland Pestival. The event, open to the public, is an opportunity to celebrate the community-led conservation work already happening in the region and explore what we can all do next.

Register for the Pestival

The Pestival is being held on Saturday 24 June in the Aotea Centre’s Lower NZI Conference Room.

To register for Pestival, visit the Auckland Council website.

Auckland Council and Department of Conservation representatives will be attending the event to seek feedback on how we can best support community conservation groups.

A number of groups will be showcasing their work and several guest speakers will provide insights on future opportunities and innovative techniques and tools.

The event will also introduce the council’s Pest Free Auckland 2050 programme.

Pest Free Auckland 2050

Pest Free Auckland is a programme of action to eradicate introduced pest plants, animals and pathogens by 2050.

The programme has the potential to restore the region’s native ecosystems and make Auckland an international leader in conservation, demonstrating that a prosperous growing economy and a healthy natural environment can successfully co-exist.

An Auckland that is pest and predator free by 2050 is an achievable goal that can be realised through eradication, restoration and education. But the council cannot achieve this alone – this is a job for all of Auckland.

Auckland Council's biosecurity and biodiversity teams will work alongside the community’s conservation heroes, offering tailored pest-management and biodiversity protection advice. Together we can protect our nest and bring the birdsong back to Auckland's backyards.