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Hub helps with construction jobs

Published: 8 August 2017
Ibrahim Mahmoud got a job through the CBD Jobs Hub.

Ibrahim Mahmoud is not one to sit at home with nothing to do. The 52-year-old who lives in Auckland central is delighted to have got a job through the CBD Jobs and Skills Hub.

Having been out of work for several months, or only able to pick up a few days’ work here and there through third parties, the financial strain and inactivity was really getting to him.

Now he’s working as a gateman – and will also put his hand up for any other task - for LT McGuinness in Wynyard Quarter.

“People need something permanent, not one or two days here or there. Sometimes you get lucky though and with help from people like Simon you find that job and get to achieve your purpose,” says Ibrahim.

He’s referring to Simon Faga, jobs broker at the CBD Jobs and Skills Hub, recently opened in Wynyard Quarter.

What is the CBD Jobs and Skills Hub?

The CBD Jobs and Skills Hub is a partnership between Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development (ATEED), Panuku Development Auckland, industry training organisations, and central and local government.

The hub addresses the drastic labour shortages in the central city in primarily the construction and hospitality industries. Research shows that in Wynyard Quarter alone there is a need for more than 2500 construction workers over the next three years.

CBD Jobs and Skills Hub Operations Manager, Melissa Hall, says it connects employers with people looking for work and up-skills those already in employment through the provision of practical skills training.

“Across Auckland there are 32,000 jobs that need to be filled in the construction sector alone, as well as considerable demand in hospitality and tourism. These sectors all have significant opportunities for job creation,” she says.

For Ibrahim Mahmoud, who is originally from Sudan and came to New Zealand 23 years ago to work hard and make a new life, the CBD Jobs and Skills Hub has given him back his purpose.

“God bless them for helping people to achieve their dreams,” he says.

Great for employers

LT McGuinness project manager Aaron Lindsay says: “It’s great to be able to deal with the CDB Jobs and Skills Hub - who understand what we need and the bigger picture - to find people who are available and have the right attitude to be an asset for us.”

“It’s also a great option for training for our existing workforce, to get the skills they need to keep up with health and safety, and enable them to continue to work and learn with us.”