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Join in the Sustainable Whanau Challenge

Published: 6 October 2017

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You can make simple choices to improve your quality of life. #LiveLightly

Our daily lives are busy and hectic. Sometimes it’s easy to forget the choices we make each day impact our quality of life.

Auckland Council, along with community groups, has launched Live Lightly to show everyday lifestyle choices we can all make. These changes not only help care for the planet, but could save you money and lead to a healthier life.

For example if you drive to work, taking the bus one day per week could save over $150 a year. Or installing a low flow shower head could save $80 a year. When it comes to food choices, seasonal, New Zealand produce is likely to be fresher than imported products and you'll be supporting local growers.

“While we’re surrounded by reminders of how to live sustainably, many of us can feel overwhelmed and often need a nudge to take the first step," says Councillor Penny Hulse, Chair of the Environment & Community Committee.

“So rather than worrying about what we can’t do, let’s focus collectively on how we can each do at least one thing differently every day.” 

Join in the Sustainable Whanau Challenge

As part of Live Lightly, Aucklanders across the region will be making simple lifestyle changes this month through the Sustainable Whanau Challenge starting 14 October.

Rose, a public policy student at the University of Auckland, has decided to take on the challenge. She aims to be more sustainable, saving money, and “beating my flatmates”. For Rose this means one meat-free day a week, reducing her showers to four-minutes and offsetting her carbon emissions when buying her plane tickets.

Over four weeks, challenge participants learn to Live Lightly with easy, fun steps supported by prize draws, online tips and stories.

Register now for the Sustainable Whanau Challenge.

Find out more

Head to the Live Lightly website and follow the Facebook page.

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