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Nationwide Emergency Mobile Alert

Published: 26 November 2017

The first nationwide test for Emergency Mobile Alerts, led by the Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management (MCDEM), was held on Sunday 26 November.

An Emergency Mobile Alert is an alert that’s sent straight to your mobile phone.

The system uses cell broadcast technology to send messages to your phone, so alerts can be targeted to a specific location. You don’t need to sign up to receive alerts or download an app.

It will be used in the event of an emergency to alert you if you, your property or health are at serious risk.

The test was designed to make people aware of the alerts and means the Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management can test its systems, the cell towers and our phones ability to receive the Emergency Mobile Alerts.

How it will be used

Alerts can be targeted to affected areas, so you will only get them if the emergency is in your area.

The alert can be used by MCDEM, the New Zealand Police, Ministry for Primary Industries, Ministry of Health, Civil Defence Emergency Management Groups and Fire and Emergency New Zealand. 

You can check to see if your phone is able to receive the alerts.

John Dragicevich, Director of Auckland Emergency Management says mobile alerts are an easy way people can make sure they receive the information they need in an emergency situation.

“Being able to automatically receive Emergency Mobile Alerts is a great way to stay informed. People can also subscribe to SMS text messaging or email alerts on our website, download the Red Cross Hazard smartphone app and engage with us on Twitter or Facebook.”

For more information on the alerts, including what it will sound like, please visit the Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management’s website.

An overview in New Zealand Sign Language