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Red bins on a roll in south and east Auckland

Published: 30 November 2017
Waste solutions team leader James Young, Manukau ward councillors Fa'anānā Efeso Collins and Alf Filipaina, and waste solutions enforcement officer Stuart Airs.

Thanks, south and east Auckland – you’re winning at binning the bags!

Just one month after the red-topped wheelie bins replaced plastic bags out on the street in the former Manukau City Council area, only two per cent of households were still putting out bags – which means almost everybody was using their bin.

During the roll-out, Council helped more than 5000 callers with queries about the new bins, including requests for larger bins and questions about reducing waste.

Cr Alf Filipaina, who lives in Māngere, says seeing a tidy row of red bins out on rubbish day makes him feel proud of his area and how people have taken up the challenge.

“Some people have had to make big changes to how they manage their rubbish to get it all in their bins,” he says. “We want to say a big thank you for helping us reduce the amount of waste that gets sent to landfill."

“I want to say a really big thanks, too, to all the people and staff who were involved in making these changes happen.”

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