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Auckland’s floating road

Published: 8 December 2017

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Meet Auckland's unusual new road.

From 25 December, the section of Albert Street between Swanson and Customs streets will be suspended above a 16m trench.

As you drive or cycle down the street, bulldozers, diggers and shotcrete workers will continue to toil beneath your wheels, hard at work underground on the City Rail Link (CRL).

The street itself will run over a deck made from 201 concrete slabs, together weighing 1339 tonnes. (That’s equivalent to about 1900 cows . . . or 335 elephants.)

The concrete slabs are edged in steel and welded together, and are supported by 68 horizontal struts and 155 supporting beams along the floating road’s 350m length.

The road held a 55-tonne crane with ease during construction.

The concrete slab road will stay in place until late 2018, when the tunnels are completed and a new road is built.

Engineer  Aaron Ghazal says the suspended road is a great achievement.

“The team worked really hard for seven months on the construction, which included pre-works, digging and remove the top 1.5m of roading.”

The concrete slabs for the road were designed by CRL contractor Connectus and built by Wilsons Precast Concrete.

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