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Waiheke, it's time to book your inorganic collection

Published: 1 December 2017

If you're a Waiheke resident, you can now book a pick-up for Auckland Council’s inorganic collection service, which starts on the island on 5 February 2018.

Collections will take place over a number of weeks until the end of June.

“Auckland Council will be working with the Island Waste Collective, which will be in charge of sorting the collected inorganic items and deciding what happens to them next,” says Waiheke Local Board member Shirin Brown.

“Working with locals will mean as many items as possible will stay on the island and benefit the community – items that can be reused or repaired will be offered to community groups to fix, rehome or resell,” she says.

“Diversion rates on Waiheke are much higher than on the mainland and we will be using this as an opportunity to trial even more effective waste management strategies.”

Do you have items suitable for collection?

The inorganic service is designed for those items which wouldn’t be appropriate for rubbish or recycling collection.

If you have items in good condition, please consider selling these or donating them to your local charity first. The remainder can then be picked up in the inorganic collection. What can I put out for collection? 

How to arrange a collection

Residents (renters and owners of properties) with suitable items are encouraged to book as soon as possible. This allows time to schedule collections and make arrangements for properties which are hard to reach or have special access requirements.

Owners of multiple properties will need to complete a separate booking for each property.

Please note, different areas on Waiheke have different collection periods. You will be given the date range for collections in your area during the booking process.