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Tracks closed for kauri protection

Waitākere Ranges Regional Park

Published: 8 December 2017
  • Councillor Penny Hulse views the dead kauri.

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List of closed tracks in the Waitākere Ranges Regional Park

Forty-two tracks in the Waitākere Ranges are now closed to help prevent the spread of kauri dieback disease.

Long-term closures are in place for the following tracks:

  • Andersons Track
  • Arthur Mead
  • Browne Track
  • Chateau Mosquito
  • Christies Track
  • Clark Bush Track
  • East Tunnel Mouth Track
  • Farley Track
  • Ferndown Track
  • Filter Track
  • Forbes Track
  • Goodfellow Track
  • Hettig Track
  • Home Track
  • Kura Track
  • Lower Kauri Track
  • Maungaroa Ridge Track
  • McKenzie Track
  • Peripatus Track
  • Pole Line Track
  • Pukematekeo Track
  • Quarry Track
  • RGB Track
  • Sharp Bush Track
  • Tom Thumb By-Pass Track
  • Tom Thumb Track
  • Twin Peaks Track
  • Upper Huia Dam Track
  • Wainamu Bush Track
  • Waitākere Tramline Walk
  • Waitoru Reserve Track
  • West Tunnel Mouth Track
  • Zion Ridge Track

Temporary ‘track closed’ signs have already been installed on as many tracks as possible with rangers working on installing more permanent signage in the coming weeks.

The following tracks, which have been temporarily closed for more than five years, are now permanently closed and will be decommissioned.

  • La Trobe Track
  • Robinsons Ridge
  • Summit Track
  • Nugget Track
  • Taumata Track
  • Walker Kauri Track
  • Bob Gordon Track
  • Lucy Cranwell Track
  • Nihotupu Ridge Track

A rāhui has been placed over the Waitākere Ranges by iwi Te Kawerau a Maki. This cultural restriction by the mana whenua of the area urges people to stay away from the ranges to allow the forest to heal.

The council supports the principles of the rāhui and recommends alternative walking and tramping tracks across the Auckland region, which can be found on the council’s website.

Following the decision by the Environment and Community Committee to close a number of tracks and implement a further programme of high and medium risk track closures, staff and rangers have been working hard to identify more tracks for closure. The list above includes 17 additional tracks identified since the committee meeting on 5 December.

If visiting open areas of the ranges, or any kauri forest:

  • Clean all soil off your footwear and other gear every time you enter or leave a forest area with native trees and at every cleaning station
  • Use disinfectant after you have removed all the soil
  • Stay on track and off kauri roots.

For more information about kauri dieback disease visit

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