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Waste-free holiday survival guide

Published: 2 January 2018

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Zero-waste essentials for living on the go this Summer

The holiday season is filled with joy, but it can also be filled with a whole lot of waste.  Here are a few tips to help minimise waste whether you're holidaying at home or out and about.

1.  Be prepared

Pack some food for you and your family when traveling to avoid needing to buy takeaways. Pack a few healthy snacks and treats to make your trip that bit easier as you can stop and eat when you are hungry, not just when you find a suitable take away place that’s open. It will also save you money.

2.  Shop smart

Do not go overboard on the food - write a list and stick to it. Not only can you reduce down the amount of food scraps created, you can also save on money, especially on New Year's gym memberships!   

3.  Have a tasty plan for leftovers

Get creative with your cooking - time to pick up that Christmas cookbook present and try out some new ways with leftovers.

Have a left-over party - invite guests to bring a container for leftovers. Give your dinner guests the option of bringing a food container with them.  After the meal, they can create mini-meals by packing up some of the leftovers to take home with them.

4.  Ditch plastic plates and cutlery 

Use real plates, bowls, and cutlery instead of disposable items. If you do not have enough for your guests, then pick up extras from a secondhand shop or ask your friends and family to bring some with them.

5.  Carry an empty water bottle

It's a hot Kiwi Summer - help resist the temptation to buy single-use plastic water bottles to quench your thirst.  Instead carry a re-usable water bottle with you and fill it up before you head out and then refill it when you're on the go.

if you're at the beach, there should be water fountains to fill up your water bottle.  If not, just pop into a cafe and ask if they can fill it up for you.   

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