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Time to have your say on the future of Te Atatū South

A place to go to, not just drive through

Published: 14 November 2018

Te Atatū South residents are being called to have their say on the future of the area as Henderson-Massey Local Board plans for the next 30 years.

The area, home to around 15,000 residents, is expected to grow over the coming years, and the board is keen to know how residents want the area to improve.

Future growth

Henderson-Massey Local Board Chair and Te Atatū South resident Shane Henderson says that while the area is one of the most attractive destinations in the west, it needs to have a clear plan to guide future growth.

Transport Te Atatu South
Transport: a key issue in Te Atatū South

“Te Atatū South needs a strong heart to succeed into the future. From places for the community to gather and connect, through to what we need from transport, and how we manage our environment and the development of our parks, we want to hear what people want from their home.”

Have your say now

Community co-design

The plan will be shaped by feedback from the community and follows on from a co-design session with community leaders and local organisations earlier this month.

Co Design session - Te Atatu South
Co-design session for the plan

“We are going to the community with an open book,” says Shane. "We got some great ideas out of the co-design session, and now we really want to hear what the community thinks is important to them.  

“As a resident, I call Te Atatū South home, and I want the best for it. This is the development of a plan for the centre but it will have implications for the whole of the area.

“With the connections to the rest of west Auckland on our doorstep, Te Atatū South is the gateway to the west, and we want to embrace that – but at the same time ensure that it is a place where community is key, and that our children can grow up here enjoying all the area has to offer.

“I hope that all residents get involved and have their say, Te Atatū South will be a place to go to not just drive through.”

Plan potential

Heart of Te Atatū South (HotAs) have been part of the development of the plan and deputy chair Joseph Erceg says that they are excited at the potential of the plan.

“We think it’s important for people to get involved in their suburb's future and take some ownership in where they live. We want our communities to be proud of where they live, not thinking about where to live next, but knowing that this is their home. They can play a valuable part in building this great community for the better.

“We want this plan to be an ambitious driver of how the suburb will be in the future. A suburb that is a destination not just a through road. A suburb that is safe, walkable, vibrant and has its own strong identity. A suburb people are proud to call home.”

Joseph Erceg
Joseph Erceg, Deputy Chair, HOTAS

Consultation is open until 3 December. You can have your say online

You can also provide feedback in person:

  • during the jubilee celebration at Te Atatū South Community Centre on 16 November.
  • at one of the drop-in events in November
  • through a hard copy submission at the Te Atatu South Community Centre.

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