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Auckland Walk Challenge begins

Sign up and celebrate Walk Month March

Published: 28 February 2018

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Sign up for the Auckland Walk Challenge

Registrations are now open for a fun, free walking competition to discover Auckland during Walk Month March.

The challenge, which runs for the entire month, encourages participants to think about what journeys they take each day, and whether more of those could be done on foot. 

Auckland Transport's Chief Executive Shane Ellison is encouraging Aucklanders to take part in the challenge.

“I regularly walk to and from work and it’s a great way for me to start and finish the day.

“The Auckland Walk Challenge is one way for us to think about how we are getting from A to B. There might be places that you drive to regularly that you could walk to instead, which is a great opportunity to log a walk.

“Walking is also the first and last leg of many public transport journeys, and if you’re counting those as part of the challenge, you will be quickly adding to your kilometre count each day,” he says.

“I’m getting a team together to take part, and I hope you will too.”

Get involved now

Get involved with a team of colleagues, friends or family and walk your way around a digital map of Auckland, enjoying favourite walks and discovering new gems along the way.

As well as being part of a friendly competition where there are lots of prizes on offer, you’ll also be giving your health a boost.

30 minutes of brisk walking a day has multiple health benefits, as well as improving your mood, enabling creative thought, and lowering your stress levels.

Sign up for the Auckland Walk Challenge

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