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How should we prepare for population growth?

Published: 12 March 2018

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The Auckland Plan 2050 is a plan for the future of all Auckland, not just the council. It sets the long-term direction for Auckland and considers how we will address our key challenges of high population growth, sharing prosperity with all, and reducing environmental degradation.

Auckland will look very different in 2050. It is expected the city will grow by another 740,000 people, who will need 320,000 new homes and up to 270,000 extra jobs.

We need to plan for population growth now

Auckland Council’s Planning Committee chair, Councillor Chris Darby, notes the rapid and prolonged growth of our city.

“By 2028, we will have 2 million people – a total we weren’t previously expected to hit until 2035,” he says.

“We can’t wait for this to happen and then try to catch up. We have the opportunity now to plan our response to growth and prepare our city for it.”

The Auckland Plan’s development strategy sets out how Auckland will grow and the critical infrastructure that will be required. Most growth will occur in areas already developed, including the city centre, major nodes of Albany, Westgate and Manukau and development areas.

New communities and business areas will also be established on the fringes of Auckland. In rural areas, growth will be focused around Warkworth and Pukekohe, safe-guarding productive rural land and character.

Tell us what you think

The draft development strategy’s aim is to achieve growth in an affordable way that delivers quality places and benefits for people, the economy and environment.

Go to to find out more and have your say.

It’s important we hear from you on plans for how Auckland will grow and the outcomes for existing and future generations. Please give us your feedback before 28 March.