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The rates debate: What do you think?

Here's what we are proposing for rates in this 10-year Budget

Published: 13 March 2018

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The rates debate: What do you think?

Rates and fees pay for essential day-to-day services that we provide, such as public transport, community centres, swimming pools, roads, infrastructure and libraries.

We want to know what you think about our approach to the average general rates increase during the 10-year Budget consultation.

General property rates

Without an increase to our general property rates, we would have to reduce existing service levels and defer or cut some currently planned projects.

So, for this 10-year Budget, we are proposing an average general rates increase of 2.5 per cent for the first two years and then 3.5 per cent for years three to 10.

Targeted rates

We are also proposing some targeted rates (which pay for specific services or projects) to help clean up our beaches and streams and tackle pests and diseases such as kauri dieback.

You can read more about these in the coming weeks on OurAuckland, or in the consultation material.

Other changes to rates

We also want to know how you feel about a number of other changes to rates, including:

  • increasing the waste targeted rate in specific areas as we roll out the food waste collection service
  • the introduction of user-pays rubbish collection in the former Auckland City and Manukau City areas from 2020, in line with the rest of Auckland
  • extending the Accommodation Provider Targeted Rate on property used for commercial accommodation to the online accommodation sector.

What do you think about our plans for rates?

Make sure you have your say on these and other issues at by 28 March.


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