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Early West Lynn designs presented

Waitematā Safe Routes project progresses

Published: 26 April 2018
A concept design for West Lynn Village has been presented to the commuity liaison group

Auckland Transport and Boffa Miskell have presented new concept design options for the Richmond Road part of the Waitematā Safe Routes to the community liaison groups.

Boffa Miskell has developed the design, which is an early concept, following a survey and engagement with local residents and businesses.

It received close to 700 responses to the survey, and the new draft concept retains car parking while making the village safe for people walking and cycling.

AT principal road development engineer Joe Schady says the concept design responds to several key themes from community feedback.

“Residents want to see the streets made safer and more accessible for pedestrians in West Lynn village, consistent cycleway design and more street trees and vegetation," he says.

“Retaining parking and delivery vehicle loading, particularly for retail, was also a common theme."

“This refined design is a key point in our work with the community after we paused construction in December last year on the Waitematā Safe Routes project.

“We are optimistic that we are moving in the right direction with the community and we are working towards a good outcome for wider community feedback.”

The community liaison group will provide feedback into the draft design.

Following this, the design will then be refined and then considered for delivering on objectives by a range of AT technical stakeholders.

The wider community will then be invited to give feedback on the design at open day drop-in sessions.

Concept designs for the Old Mill Road, Surrey Road and Garnet Road sections are being developed and will also be presented to Community Liaison Groups.

Project costs

The original budget for Waitematā Safe Routes was $4.3 million.

When work paused in December 2017, $3.1 million had been spent on design and construction.

Following the pause of the project, AT was required to pay stand-down costs to the contractor, taking the spend to $3.7 million.

The remaining project budget is approximately $600,000 and will need to be increased to achieve a quality project outcome for the wider community.

The level of expenditure required will depend on costed detail designs.

AT has also invested in making the construction sites safe while new designs are progressed. It has spent approximately $66,000 on kerb buildouts, work on the corners, the new speed table and signage at the Francis Street corner.

The independent Boffa Miskell engagement and survey to inform the new designs cost $27,000. Their project design review is budgeted at $126,000.