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Improved pedestrian safety at Rossgrove Terrace rail crossing

Published: 16 May 2018
Baldwin Ave Station Rossgrove pedestrian safety gates

Automatic safety swing gates to keep pedestrians safe are now operating at Rossgrove Terrace (Baldwin Avenue Station) in Mt Albert.

The new gates, which close as soon as the alarm bells indicate a train is coming, are activated by a sensor on the tracks and have a safety zone with an emergency exit gate.

The new gates improve the safety of all pedestrians, especially school children. Since December 2015, Auckland Transport has recorded four near misses at this pedestrian crossing.

Improving safety at pedestrian rail crossings

As part of a wider level crossing safety programme, gates have recently been installed at Glenview Road (Glen Eden), and Metcalfe Road (Ranui). Further gating is planned for Asquith Avenue, Fruitvale Road, Lloyd Avenue, and Woodward Road.

Improving safety at pedestrian rail crossings is a joint commitment between AT and KiwiRail to improve security and keep all pedestrians safe.

Pedestrian rail crossings

  • When a train approaches, the bells sound, red lights flash and the crossing gate automatically closes. 
  • Pedestrians are advised to stay behind the swing gate and wait until it is fully open before crossing.
  • When pedestrians have started to cross and the gates start closing, they can return to the safe zone.
  • Once pedestrians are in the safe zone (on the other side), they can push the emergency exit gate to walk through.

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