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Local kids say no to plastic bags

Beat plastic pollution this World Environment Day

Published: 30 May 2018
Cr. Dr Casey with Tangoi Tupou of Kohia Terrace School

The theme of World Environment Day on 5 June this year is beating plastic pollution and raising awareness of our fragile environment.

Albert-Eden-Roskill residents are doing their bit to counter the plastic invasion. 

Councillor Cathy Casey recently visited Room 12 at Kohia Terrace School to look at work the class has been doing on the negative impacts of single-use plastic bags on our environment. 

The class presented her with a box containing a petition, posters and letters asking the Mayor and Councillors to ban single-use plastic bags in Auckland. The children also made canvas tote bags and gifted three of them as an example.

“I was delighted by the children’s knowledge about the harm caused by single-use plastic bags and their enthusiasm for a ban.

"It is estimated that New Zealand uses around 1.6 billion plastic bags annually. The bag is used for only a few minutes, but it takes hundreds of years to degrade. Many float out to sea and kill birds and animals.”

“I am very pleased to deliver the children's message to my council colleagues.  Our future is in good hands. We will be responding to the children to tell them about the various things the council is doing to counter plastic pollution.”