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The day that went to the dogs and other animals

Published: 9 May 2018
Cr. Cathy Casey with her pets 

Pets may be able to accompany their owners on public transport in the near future.

At the recent Auckland Council Planning Committee Meeting, Councillor Cathy Casey’s notice of motion to allow people to carry pets on public transport was unanimously supported by councillors, subject to having a consistent policy including appropriate health and safety guidelines.

"Having a public transport option available to pet owners is a major step forward to getting people out of their cars," Cr Casey says.

What happens next

Auckland Transport is reviewing policies and rules allowing pets on buses and trains. Ferry service providers already allow small dogs and pets in cages on most ferry services.

“We want our services to be safe for our drivers and all our customers, including those travelling with pets. Our review will consider aspects such as health and safety of passengers and drivers and providing a consistent service to all customers.

"After considering feedback, we will be able to decide on allowing pets on public transport by the end of the year,” said Darek Koper, AT Metro Manager Bus Services.

Auckland Transport will complete a review of the use of public transport between July and September.

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