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Wee Suzie gets her forever home

Auckland Council's animal shelters have dogs to adopt all year-round

Published: 21 May 2018

Albert-Eden-Roskill Councillor Dr Cathy Casey is a staunch animal rights advocate and wants to encourage people thinking about getting a dog to adopt one from a shelter, as she has done.

Auckland Council has three animal shelters at Henderson, Manukau and Silverdale which have dogs available for adoption year-round.

You can see photographs of dogs available for adoption online on the Lost and Adoptable animals page on the Auckland Council website. Each dog at the Auckland Council shelters are given activities to keep their brains stimulated, these include obedience training, agility exercise, swimming and other fun activities depending on their circumstance and personality.

Councillor Casey found Suzie, her adorable little crossbreed dog, in September last year.

“My older dog Mitzi died aged 16 and my other dog Pat was really missing his mother. I was looking for a younger small female dog to keep Pat (14) company. Suzie looked absolutely perfect. I took the family and Pat down to the Manukau Shelter to see how they all got on and Suzie won us all over instantly!” she says.

Auckland Council rehomed 100 per cent of all dogs suitable for adoption last year. Cr Casey says that is a wonderful statistic and wants to encourage people to adopt a shelter dog.

“Suzie is just a joy. She is very smart and has already completed basic obedience and has moved on to advanced agility classes. Shelter dogs like Suzie deserve another chance to find a forever home with a responsible owner,” says Councillor Casey.