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Adorable Adoptables

Published: 28 June 2018

Check out these adorable adoptables available at Auckland's animal shelters!


Breed: Bearded Collie X 
Age: 2 years 
Gender: Female 
Shelter: Silverdale 

Meet me: Wruff! I’m a sweetheart who LOVES playing with all my toys! I need a nice human who can build my confidence and help me bloom into a ‘social butterfly’. (Though I am a dog, let me be clear on that). I know some commands already and am excited to learn more.

What about you? I’d love an active family who has had experience with medium-large sized breeds and preferably no humans less than 12 years. I’ll need high amounts of exercise and low amounts of grooming.


Breed: Shar Pei X
Age: 7 months
Gender: Male
Shelter: Manukau 

Meet me: I’m a big cuddly teddy bear – dog-bear? – who loves playing with other doggies and with you. (Hopefully you like my favourite game FETCH!) Food is the best and as long as you have treats I’m ready for training! 

What about you? I’d like humans who I could grow up with and who might even take me to puppy school! If you’ve dealt with Shar Pei’s before that would be great.

Princess Fergie 

Breed: Labrador x Mastiff 
Age: 8 months
Gender: Female
Shelter: Henderson 

Meet me: Wruff! I’m Princess Fergie – I was named during the royal wedding, hence my very regal name! Not always so regal in nature, I’m a cheeky little girl and the humans here call me their favourite. (But shhh! Don’t make the other dogs jealous). I like playing with toys and keeping humans company.

What about you? You don’t need to be a noble, just love me as much as I’ll love you! (And of course treat me as the royal I am).


Breed: Cattle X
Age: 11 weeks 
Gender: Male
Shelter: Manukau  

Meet me: Ruff ruff! I’m West and I LOVE cuddles. Plus, I’m extra talented at winning you over with my giant puppy eyes – just see my picture! I’m very focused for such a young chap and eager to learn.

What about you? I’m looking for a family who can keep me company during the day as I’m little and will get lonely being home alone. And hopefully you’re ready for puppy classes and training as well!

Find out more

Auckland Council has Animal Shelters in Silverdale, Henderson and Manukau

Please note that a fully fenced section or suitable containment area is needed to adopt a dog. More information on dog adoptions can be found here.