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Help us refine safe walking plans for Mangere Bridge

Published: 13 June 2018

Auckland Transport is asking people who live in Mangere Bridge what they think of plans to make the area safer for walking.

Mangere Bridge has a high number of schools and many people walking around the town centre which makes it a priority for AT to make walking easier. Last year, AT asked residents and people who travel through the area to identify places where they have difficulty walking and where there could be improvements as part of the Safer Communities programme 2018-2021.

Following feedback from that round of consultation, AT has designed draft plans, with maps and images of what the proposed improvements could look like, to present back to the community. We now want your feedback on these draft plans. In this round of feedback, we want to know if proposed upgrades are in the right place to make the most difference and if there are any refinements that need to be made.

Making it safer to cross the road

AT's Manager for Walking, Cycling and Road Safety, Kathryn King says that the first round of feedback was extremely valuable and that the team developed a strong picture of the issues for people walking around the community.

"As we expected, people raised a lot of issues about being able to cross the road safely. We also had a lot of feedback about drivers travelling too fast, which is especially an issue for children and other more vulnerable people.

"Making it easier and safer for people to walk will help to give people more choice in the way they travel locally. The safer it is for people, the more often they will walk and this has big benefits for traffic congestion, the vibrancy of the town centre and people's overall health.

"We especially want to support children being able to walk around their local community safely and get to school and places like the library. By building more crossings in the right places and changing the layout of some roads and intersections, we can slow traffic down and offer children, and other groups such as the elderly and people with a disability, greater protection."

Learn more about the improvements

AT's proposals for improvements in Mangere Bridge include Mangere Bridge Village and Swanson Road carpark, the Mangere Bridge School zone, Mountain View School and Auckland Seventh-day Adventist High School zone and Church Road and Wallace Road.

Locals will receive a pamphlet through the letterbox and can also go online to have their say, with feedback closing on 1 July. Feedback from this round of consultation will be used to create more detailed plans, which will come back to the community in September for formal consultation.

Construction of the improvements will take place from the middle of 2019 for about a year. During this time, AT also has plans to work with the community on general road safety awareness and safer walking, especially around schools.