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Growing love for badminton in Epsom

Published: 19 July 2018

A public consultation to decide the future of the well-loved sporting and recreational facility at Gillies Avenue, mostly used for badminton and table tennis, has received support in favour of a revamp from Albert-Eden residents.

Albert-Eden Local Board has advocated for funding from the $120 million in the 10-year Budget allocated for sports and recreational activities to be used towards building a new multi-sport indoor facility.

“Badminton and table tennis are growing sports, especially so in our area. We need to cater for this growth," says Peter Haynes, chair of Albert-Eden Local Board.

In 2017 alone, the hall had 40,000 hours in court bookings.

“From the booking hours we can estimate that nearly 160,000 people used this facility over the year, as at least 4 people play at one court at a time and during competitions and programs there are more than 4 people per court,” says Alex Zhang, Communications and Marketing Manager, Auckland Badminton Association.

There are a few buildings at the Gillies Avenue site which are leased for sports – Badminton, Table Tennis and Olympic Weightlifting.