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Improvements at Birkenhead War Memorial Park confirmed

Published: 13 July 2018
John Gillon and Danielle Grant in front of the old grandstand at Birkenhead War Memorial Park 

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Funding for improvements at Birkenhead War Memorial Park confirmed

As part of Council’s 10-year Budget, Kaipātiki Local Board advocated for increased funding for improving and maintaining council-owned facilities at Birkenhead War Memorial Park, including construction of a new multi-sports facility in the space currently occupied by the old grandstand.  

On 28 June, the Governing Body approved $14 million in additional funding, on top of an approved $8 million budget allocation.

Council facilities at Birkenhead War Memorial include the Osbourne Pool, Birkenhead Leisure Centre, a Skate Park, BMX pump track, and the old closed grandstand that will soon be removed to make way for the new facility.  

Kaipātiki Local Board has been advanced $200,000 this financial year for the deconstruction of the grandstand and development of its business case. The business case will commence once a master plan for the park has been completed and adopted in mid-2019. Design and consenting work is currently scheduled to occur in 2021, with project build and delivery taking place in 2022.

Kaipātiki Local Board Chair John Gillon says that overall the funding approval is good news for local sports clubs and park users.

“We’re pleased to receive the funding for our regeneration plans. We believe we should be able to bring construction forward and are currently in discussions to try and achieve this,” says Gillon.  

Deconstruction and removal of the grandstand are expected to take place over the coming spring months.