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In Transit

A play that gives voice to the NZ Ngati African and Refugee communities.

Left of Centre: Exhibition

Folk art? Outsider art? Self-taught art? Art brut? Some small gems from the John Perry Collection.

Mid-Winter Music

Free weekend afternoon music sessions featuring a mixture of artists.

OMGTech! Workshops

OMGTech! and MOTAT are joining forces for techweek’17 to engage and inspire young people.

Grow Your Greens

This free workshop will teach you how to save money and eat well.

Stand-Up For Kids

The power of laughter is strong... especially within our kids.

Our Man in Havana

In Clive Francis' adaptation, Greene's classic satirical novel becomes a wonderfully funny and fast-moving romp.

Pa 5000 Fun Run

An annual community event that is a 5km Fun Run or walk around the streets of Clarks Beach in Franklin.

Week of Play and Wonder

If you're interested in what our local game developers are up to, come to MOTAT and play.