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Towards Zero

A Shoreside Theatre mid-winter mystery thriller by Agatha Christie.

Stephen Ellis: Headforemost

For this exhibition Stephen Ellis reimagines the settling of Symonds’ unbuilt city at Cornwallis.

I, Will Jones

A true-ish story about friendship, Animorphs, and becoming the person you want to be.


Sibling rivalry at its most performative.

Larisse Hall: Lemonade

Hall's work combines the ethereal quality of light with the materiality of paint and form in an almost tangible experience.

Cycle Chic Film Tour

Emerging and established independent film-makers present a collection of 11 carefully selected films.

Hine Kihāwai

A free performance of te reo Māori children's theatre work Hine Kihāwai.

Workshop You

Treat yourself with an exclusive opportunity to make a positive change in your life.