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Pasifika - paradise in the park

Published: 9 March 2016

Pack your sunhat and sunscreen, and plan your journey to Western Springs Park – Pasifika returns this weekend.

Sculptor of the Week – Llew Summers

Published: 19 February 2016

Llew Summer’s sculpture, To the End of Love, is a return to his first universal theme as an artist – man and woman together.

Magical atmosphere at lantern-only night

Published: 17 February 2016

The Auckland Lantern Festival’s lantern-only night, and larger venue, provides a great opportunity for festival-goers to experience the magic of the event while avoiding the larger weekend crowds.

Sculptor of the Week - Chris Moore

Published: 25 January 2016

Chris Moore’s sculpture Bird Songs is an oversized gramophone, a symbol of a forgotten era, slowly sinking into the earth and taking with it the song of birds that are lost to New Zealand’s forests forever.

Sculptor of the Week – Natalie Guy

Published: 19 January 2016

Natalie’s Guy sculpture Karesansui makes a unique contribution to the Auckland Botanic Gardens, a celebration of the South Pacific garden.