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Pop Marbles

Play with friends, family, workmates or strangers to build a giant, interactive marble run with Pop Marbles.

Pop Drop

Keep an eye out for a giant water-filled blob you can play with, step on, roll on or prod.

Peata Larkin: Tauhere

Larkin’s paintings evoke the presence of the digital world and the imagery of science and medicine.

Maria Ezcurra: Invisible

A sculptural installation that uses garments to enable an enquiry into body politics.

John Vea Exhibition

The artist explores the reality of factories with the daily life of workers.

Billy Apple®: Trademark Registration

The work exposes a timeline tracing the stages in registering his brand, making visible a process initiated in 2007 whereby Billy Apple™ went on to become Billy Apple®.

Pop 2018

A series of temporary art projects in public spaces bringing creativity and surprise.

Pop Ping Pong

Pop challenges you to take a break from daily life, pick up a paddle and play some multi-sensory ping pong.