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The Changeling

18 Jul 2018 - 03 Aug 2018


Wednesday 18 July 2018, 7.30pm - Friday 3 August 2018, 9.00pm


  • 18-28 July, 7.30pm (Fri & Sat, 10pm shows) – Q Theatre, 305 Queen Street, CBD
  • 2 & 3 Aug, 7.30pm – Uxbridge Theatre, 35 Uxbridge Road, Howick


Booking fees may apply



Sometimes the one you love ... isn't the one you want.

Beatrice hires a hitman to murder her fiance, only to become trapped in a vortex of lust and deceit. Every virtue pales beside her sins.

Few Jacobean tragedies match The Changeling for sheer audacity. In it, energy takes the form of sexual desire as the two protagonists, Beatrice and De Flores, plunge into the sick heart of compulsion.

Michael Hurst brings his trademark intensity to this remarkable piece. Filled with strikingly modern psychological insights, and concerned as it is with the darker side of human nature, this play remains a vivid and potent reminder of the dangers of self-delusion.

In a ferociously intimate production, featuring Anthea Freya Hill as Beatrice and Mel Odedra as the loathsome De Flores, Hurst and his cast will dive headlong into the claustrophobic world of obsessive sexuality.

Play dumb. Play dirty. Play false.

Production shows at various times and venues, visit the website for more detail.