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Peshat: Bonco

02 Aug 2020 - 02 Sep 2020


Sunday 2 August 2020, 3.00pm - Wednesday 2 September 2020, 4.00pm

  • Opening event: Sun 2 Aug, 3pm-5pm
  • Exhibition: 4 Aug - 2 Sep
  • Gallery hours: Tue-Fri 10am-4pm, Sat & Sun 11am-4pm, Mon closed

Northart, Norman King Square, Ernie Mays St, Northcote, Auckland

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09 480 9633


Northart is excited to host a solo exhibition of compelling New Zealand artist Bonco.

Abstract painter Bonco completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Fine Arts from Elam University of Auckland in 2017 with a focus on oil paint on canvas.

His work revolves around using the idea of a game to explore concepts around the authenticity of experience and identity.

He suggests that in Western civilisation human society replicates a deeply entrenched consumerist value system while at the same time innately deluded about one’s own significance both personally and as a species in relation to the cosmos.

Bonco’s show, Peshat, will continue his work in geometric abstraction.

Bonco is interested in discovering the spiritual, through an investigation of the modernist grid, and its variations.

While appearing scientific, mathematical and modern, the grid’s mythical power is that it acts as a symbolist window, offering an opportunity to explore the universal.

By using the grid as a proxy for society and then subverting it, he is searching for its “unseen” structure.

His aim is to create a world with occupants who are not confined to a set of labels, whether related to gender, race or socio-economic background. Through remaining undefinable, unpredictable and fluid they are able to construct a truly dynamic yet harmonious environment; a 'good world' as it were.


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