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Shaking it Up with Earthquakes and Volcanoes

27 Sep 2020


Sunday 27 September 2020, 10.00am - Sunday 27 September 2020, 2.00pm


The University of Auckland, 24 Princes Street, Auckland City Centre

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Commerce A Building 114


Have you ever seen an erupting volcano?

Felt an earthquake?

Found a rock and wondered what it was?

Would you like to learn more about why volcanoes erupt and earthquakes shake?

Come to our natural hazards lab to do some fun volcano and earthquake related experiments.

Learn why some buildings stand up in an earthquake and others fall down.

Talk to volcanologists, seismologists and engineers from The University of Auckland and ask any questions you have about volcanoes, earthquakes, minerals and rocks.

All ages of kids and kids-at-heart are welcome.

Part of Auckland Heritage Festival.


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