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The Great Annual Penguin Count

17 Oct 2020 - 22 Oct 2020


Saturday 17 October 2020, 6.00am - Thursday 22 October 2020, 9.00pm


At your local beach, Auckland


The West Coast Penguin Trust is holding their annual penguin count this October.

What a better time team up with them and hold our own penguin count.

Most of Auckland’s penguins are found on predator-free offshore islands, but there are also some populations remaining on the mainland.

These populations are having a hard time due to predation and habitat loss, so we’re working to help protect them and their homes.

An important part of looking after our penguins is being able to monitor how their populations (both on the mainland and islands) are doing.

To do this we need your help. From 17-22 October, we’re asking you to record any penguin observations on iNaturalist.

Observations include footprints, sightings or sounds. For help recognising little blue penguin observations, have a look at NZ Birds Online.


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