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Doughnut Economics Advocates New Zealand Repair Cafe

10 Jul 2021 - 11 Dec 2021


Saturday 10 July 2021, 11.00am - Saturday 10 July 2021, 2.00pm

Saturday 14 August 2021, 11.00am - Saturday 14 August 2021, 2.00pm

Saturday 11 September 2021, 11.00am - Saturday 11 September 2021, 2.00pm

Saturday 9 October 2021, 11.00am - Saturday 9 October 2021, 2.00pm

Saturday 13 November 2021, 11.00am - Saturday 13 November 2021, 2.00pm

Saturday 11 December 2021, 11.00am - Saturday 11 December 2021, 2.00pm


Une-Deux Cafe, 545 Karangahape Rd, Auckland Central

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Around the corner from Ponsonby Rd


Repair Cafes are pop up events where you can bring broken or damaged items and locals volunteer their time and expertise to fix them for you for no charge. The idea is to encourage the concept of Repair-Renew-Reuse.

It is all part of the circular economy which is in line with what Doughnut Economics is all about.

Come along to our next Repair Cafe. Une-Deux Cafe holds them on the second Saturday of every month.

We have experts who will do their best to fix the following sorts of items for you:

  • Small electrical appliances like kettles, toasters, lamps, radios, CD players and blenders
  • Clothes that need patching or hemming or you want to let in or let out
  • Computer and electronic problems (software and hardware) diagnosed (and sometimes fixed too)
  • General items including toys glued, nailed, screwed, stitched or checked for mechanical faults

And we have a couple of DIY people who are just clever at looking at what is wrong with something and seeing how to fix it.

Please be aware that items are being repaired upstairs, so all items must be small enough to carry in your arms.

Also upstairs is not suitable for children for health and safety reasons.

So bring your partner or a friend to look after your child and have a tea or coffee downstairs with some delicious food while you are getting your item repaired. And you can join them afterwards.

From past experience, about 70% of items are successfully repaired. If you are happy with your repair, donations / koha gratefully received to help fund future Repair Cafes.

There is usually plenty of parking in surrounding streets.


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