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Help make the Hunua Ranges stay safe for new kiwi 'homeowners'

Kiwi need dogs to behave in the Hunuas

Published: 17 March 2017

One of the simple pleasures of living in the Auckland region is enjoying the fresh air and rugged bush of the Hunua Ranges with a canine friend.

Auckland Council, mana whenua, volunteers and landowners have been working hard to manage pests in the ranges.

As a result of this work it is now possible to reintroduce species previously lost to the ranges. Kiwi have not been seen in the area for decades - but this is about to change.

Come 31 March, six kiwi from the Coromandel will make the Hunua Ranges their new home.

One of the main threats to kiwi are dogs that find their smell particularly attractive. To help ensure the safety and survival of kiwi, it is important dog owners follow Auckland Council’s simple guidelines when in the Hunua Ranges:

  • when walking your dog, use the designated areas and make sure dogs are on a lead and under control
  • all dogs should have undertaken general obedience training
  • report stray, lost or wandering dogs to an Auckland Council Animal Officer or duty ranger
  • hunters require a permit to enter the ranges and hunting dogs now need to have completed dog aversion training. Auckland Council is offering free training workshops.

For more information about these, please email

“These guidelines are to protect people’s pets as much as the environment, as some of the pest control measures used by us and others can be harmful to dogs,” says Auckland Council Biodiversity Manager, Rachel Kelleher.

By following these simple guidelines, owners will help ensure the wildlife within the area is protected.

Dogs are welcome on all walking tracks in the Hunua Ranges except Kohukohunui Track