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Regional Amenities and council performance discussed at committee

Published: 22 March 2017

Auckland Council’s Finance and Performance Committee yesterday made decisions on a number of topics, including approving the funding levy for 2017/2018 and a value for money review across the council group.

Items 1-3 were administrative items and there were no petitions (Item 4) or Public input (Item 5). The Manurewa Local Board presented on matters relating to Item 14: Part of 770R Great South Road, Manukau, and the Rodney Local Board presented on item 14: Disposal of 14 Baxter Street, Warkworth (Item 6). There was no extraordinary business (Item 7) or notices of motion (Item 8).

Item 9: Local Government Funding Agency (LGFA) presentation

The committee received a presentation from Craig Stobo, Chairman, and Mark Butcher, Chief Executive from the Local Government Funding Agency on LGFA activities in the local government sector.

Item 10: Presentations from the Auckland Regional Amenities Funding Board

The committee received presentations from the following amenities of the Auckland Regional Amenities Funding Board:
• Stardome Observatory and Planetarium
• New Zealand Maritime Museum
• Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra
• Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust
• Auckland Arts Festival.

Presentations included key achievements and benefits they bring to Auckland, and included time for questions.

Item 11: Approval of Auckland Regional Amenities Funding Act levy 2017/2018

The committee approved the Auckland Regional Amenities Funding Board levy request of $16,165,500 for 2017/2018.

Item 12: Auckland War Memorial Museum: Approval of the 2017/2018 levy

The committee approved the total levy applied for by the Auckland War Memorial Museum of $30,735,000 for 2017/2018.

Item 13: Museum of Transport and Technology: Approval of the 2017/2018 Levy

The committee approved the total levy applied for by the Museum of Transport and Technology of $15,222,110 for 2017/2018, noting that the levy increase for the 2017/2018 year is not considered as an increase to the Museum of Transport and Technology’s baseline funding for the future.

Item 14: Disposals Recommendation Report

The committee agreed to the following regarding three council-owned properties that Panuku Development Auckland (Panuku) considered suitable for sale.

  • 770R Great South Road, Manukau – the committee agreed that any sale would be subject to conditions and a further report to the Finance and Performance Committee following public consultation on whether to revoke the site’s reserve land status
  • 14 Baxter Street, Warkworth – the committee agreed to delay disposing of the land until alternative parking options have been explored, funding issues have been resolved and a further report to the Finance and Performance Committee has been received.
  • 2R Carolyn Street, Papatoetoe – the committee agreed to the sale of the property.

Item 15: Auckland Council Group quarterly financial report and financial results to 31 December 2016 

The committee received the Auckland Council Group quarterly financial report to 31 December 2016. The committee noted the operating surplus before gains and losses of $966 million and the increase in net assets of $1.347 billion to $34.99 billion.

Item 16: Budget update March 2017

The committee approved additional budgets in the 2016/2017 financial year for three projects in the City Centre Programme of Work, funded from the City Centre Targeted Rate (CCTR) and subject to conditions.

Item 17: Section 17A Group Cost Effectiveness Review Programme

The committee approved approve a programme of s17A value for money reviews across the council group (the value for money programme) including the:

  • Objectives and scope of the programme and proposed governance arrangements.
  • Approach to prioritisation and the proposed first four reviews.
  • Initiation of the work programme.

The committee agreed to establish a steering group to provide oversight, comprising the chair and deputy chair of the Finance and Performance Committee, the chairs of Environment and Community committee, the Planning committee, the Independent Māori Statutory Board and the deputy chair of the Audit and Risk committee.

Item 18: Finance and Performance Committee - Information Report - 21 March 2017

The committee received the information report.

Item 19 was administrative and Item 20 was confidential.

Item 21: Auckland’s major cultural heritage institutions: proposed independent review

The committee agreed to approve an independent review of Auckland Council’s investment in Auckland’s major cultural heritage institutions, delegating responsibility for the review to the Environment and Community Committee.

The agenda is available on Auckland Council’s website and minutes will be added once confirmed. This meeting was also webcast on the council’s website and items are available on demand.