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A song for your ears only

Published: 11 May 2017

If you were a song, what would you sound like?

This is the question that ‘You and I Experience’ at Auckland Central City Library will answer.

Music has long been considered a universal language that connects us to ourselves in a way words never can.

Sharing a moment is at the heart of ‘You and I Experience.’ Members of the public are invited to sit in front of a composer- a complete stranger- who then creates a musical conversation inspired or manipulated by whoever is sitting in front of them. For 3-5 minutes, artist and participant are connected by music only they can hear.

The event will be running for 12 one-hour sessions over the next three weeks in celebration of New Zealand Music Month.

Cr Penny Hulse Chair of Auckland Council’s Environment and Community Committee, says Libraries are all about encouraging creativity and connectivity:

“They’re not just about books, they’re vibrant community hubs that encourage experiences, and initiatives like ‘You and I Experience’, perfectly capture this,” Penny says

Creating the moments will be composers Chris O’ Connor- drummer for The Phoenix Foundation and session musician for Nadia Reid, Don McGlashan, Neil Finn and SJD, Joel Vinsen, guitarist for Ijebu Pleasure Club and keyboardist, Chrissie Hart.

Oral historian, Sue Berman, is excited about the three-week long event. “We really encourage Aucklanders to take some time out of their schedules if they’re in the city to connect with themselves, each other and their community through music.”

‘You and I Experience’ is a free event supported by the Auckland Design Office.

For more information about events happening across Auckland Libraries for New Zealand Music Month, click here.

Information about Libraries’ full range of sheet music, CDs and musical reference books can be found on their website.