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Boundary and representation change proposal for public consideration

Published: 26 July 2018

The Governing Body had a robust debate on potential changes to representation arrangements, including ward boundaries and local board subdivision boundaries. The proposal agreed today will go out for public consultation during August.

Public feedback will also be sought on two bylaw proposals. Finally, the Mayor held a discussion on expanding the scope of the City Rail Link in the public part of the meeting.

The following is a digest of further decisions made. The agenda is available on Auckland Council’s website and minutes will be added once confirmed. This meeting was also webcast on the council’s website and items are available on demand.

Other decisions made at the Environment and Community Committee were:

Items 1-5 were administrative items. There was no public input. Items that were considered without discussion or for information only are not included in this digest.

Item 7: Local Board Input
Ōtara-Papatoetoe Local Board and Māngere-Ōtāhuhu Local Board chairs and members addressed the Governing Body on their boards’ feedback on Item 10, the review of Auckland Council’s representation arrangements for the 2019 elections. In particular, these boards raised their concerns with the proposal to split the Manukau ward and emphasised the effectiveness of the current structure.

Item 9: Governing Body Terms of Reference amendments as a result of the disestablishment of Auckland Council Investments Limited

In addition to the recommendations to update the Governing Body’s Terms of Reference to redistribute the delegated responsibilities previously held by Auckland Council Investments Limited. The Governing Body also agreed to Councillor Greg Sayers’ appointment to the Auckland Civil Defence and Emergency Management Group Committee and to a change to the Terms of Reference of the Community Development and Safety Committee so it can work more closely with the council’s six demographic advisory panels.

Item 10: Review of Auckland Council’s representation arrangements for the 2019 elections

Changes to Auckland Council’s ward boundaries and local board subdivision boundaries are proposed under a statutory representation review required under the Local Electoral Act 2001. Public consultation on the council’s proposal will begin in early August. Read more on OurAuckland.

Item 11: Referred from the Audit and Risk Committee – Quarterly Health and Safety Performance Report

In his update, Head of Health, Safety and Wellbeing Oliver Sanandres drew elected members attention to the highest critical risk faced by staff, violence.

“Violence remains the highest risk that our customer-facing staff experience in their daily roles.

“As well as situations that are often likely to involve conflict, like those our animal management officers deal with, we are seeing an increase in violent situations in our libraries and leisure centres.

“While this is not always directed towards our staff; often they must witness and deal with violent or anti-social behaviour among customers in public places and our facilities.

“The council’s leadership team has adopted a zero-tolerance approach toward violence and we are continuing to develop, and redevelop, our training programmes to equip our staff and look to better design in physical controls to deal with these situations,” he says.

Item 12: Recommendations from the Regulatory Committee – Health and Hygiene Bylaw 2013 Statement of Proposal

Following the recommendations from the Regulatory Committee, the Governing Body adopted the Health and Hygiene Bylaw 2013 Statement of Proposal, will which now go out for public consultation.

This bylaw protects Aucklanders’ health by minimising risks from services that contact the body, including beauty and health treatments, tattooing, body piercing and swimming pools.

Changes included in the proposal:

  • requiring services that pierce, or risk breaking or burning tissue (not just the skin) be licensed
  • requiring therapeutic massage, water play parks and splash pads to meet minimum standards
  • banning eyeball tattooing unless carried out by a qualified health practitioner
  • requiring public display of licenses
  • clarifying rules about traditional tattooing like tā moko and traditional Pacific tattoo.

Public consultation is scheduled from 26 August until 1 October.

Item 13: Recommendations from the Regulatory Committee – Legacy On-site Wastewater Bylaws Statement of Proposal

Following the recommendations from the Regulatory Committee, the Governing Body adopted the Legacy On-site Wastewater Bylaws Statement of Proposal.

The proposal suggests the revocation of four legacy bylaws that relate to the regulation of on-site wastewater management. The bylaws were created to ensure that septic tanks and wastewater treatment systems are properly installed and maintained. They cover the former areas of North Shore City Council; Papakura and Rodney district councils and Waiheke Island.

With the Auckland Unitary Plan becoming operative, the legacy bylaws are no longer required as the Unitary Plan regulates on-site wastewater systems for the whole region. Existing legislation also provides stronger enforcement powers than the legacy bylaws.

Public consultation is scheduled from 1 August until 31 August. More information will be available on

Item 15: Extraordinary Item

The Governing Body approved the council’s draft submission to the Governance and Administration Select Committee on the Election Access Fund Bill. Councillor Cathy Casey presented this extraordinary item on behalf of Councillor Josephine Bartley and following input from the Disability Advisory Panel, drawing particular attention to how people with disabilities should be supported to stand during local government elections and effectively hold office and perform all public functions.

Item C1: City Rail Link: approval for change of project scope to provide additional future capacity

Mayor Phil Goff moved to hold discussion on this item in public, with the exception of commercially-sensitive information. Read more on OurAuckland.