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More parkland for Auckland region, submissions and catchment issues

14 August 2018

Published: 14 August 2018

More parks and open space for Auckland

A report presented to Auckland Council’s Environment and Community Committee today outlines the $43.7 million council spent purchasing new parks and open space for Aucklanders in the previous financial year.  Read more on this item on: OurAuckland.

The following is a digest of decisions made. The agenda is available on Auckland Council’s website and minutes will be added once confirmed. This meeting was also webcast on the council’s website and items are available on demand.

Items 1-7 were administrative items except for Public Input (Item 5).

Item 5: Public input was received on the use of 1080 in the Hunua Ranges from Bunty Condon and Karla Allies, Environment Officer, Ngati Paoa Trust Board.

Other decisions made at the Environment and Community Committee were:

Item 8: Update on Weiti development and wider catchment issues

The long planning history in the Okura/Weiti area dates back over a decade. For Weiti, the existing planning provisions have been approved through the Environment Court and consents have been issued in accordance with these provisions.

The catchment drains into Karepiro Bay and the Long Bay-Okura Marine Reserve. There are a variety of land uses, including forestry, agriculture and industry and numerous streams running through these uses. Due to the nature of soils in the area, and around most of Auckland, there will always be some sediment run-off from the land into the coast, regardless of land use.

Th council is developing a land-based model and a coast-based (hydrodynamic) model to better understand the long-term effects of land use on the coast. These models have the potential to be used throughout Auckland in the future.

In its presentation to the July Environment and Community Committee, the Long Bay Okura Great Park Society raised a number of concerns around the Weiti development and the council’s regulatory role and provided information in relation to:

  • Compliance of the Weiti development with earthworks and sediment conditions
  • Cockle mortality
  • Sediment from smaller sites
  • Weiti Development’s environmental monitoring reports
  • The ability to ‘shut down’ earthworks activities.

At a regional level, staff have been working across disciplines and departments to consider possible alternative approaches to reducing sediment flow into Auckland’s coastal environments. Staff have recommended that options to do this are reported to the committee by the end of the calendar year.

The Environment and Community committee agreed to:

  1. Preparation of a scoping report by December 2018 on options for an integrated approach to reduce sedimentation of Auckland’s receiving environments (a regional view, not specific to the Weiti development or the catchment), including:
  • individual site approaches
  • catchment approaches
  • sediment control measures for sensitive receiving environments
  • timeframe
  • costs
  • methods for working with community groups, land owners, experts and other interested parties
  • resourcing, including any trade-offs in work programme required to prioritise this work.

2. Note that the land-based contaminant load and coastal modelling for the Okura/Weiti catchment will be finalised by the end of 2018.

3. Note that as the bulk earthworks on the Weiti development draw to a close, council’s compliance monitoring staff will continue to prioritise monitoring of the development, particularly through the individual house-building phases.

4. Recognise that development sites need to be managed to minimise sediment and heavy metals discharges into the marine reserve.

5. Request staff to continue to work with interested parties in the Okura/Weiti area around on-going environmental modelling and management in the catchment.

Item 9: Exchange of part of Margan Reserve for other land

To provide access to Margan Avenue in accordance with the precinct plan, the committee approved a land exchange of 295m2 of Margan Reserve, New Lynn  for 295m2 of adjacent land at Clinker Place.

Item 10: Progress update on the Public Art Policy with recommended improvements

A progress review of the council’s Public Art Policy has been undertaken to assess how council is tracking against the policy’s outcomes and measures. Overall, the review notes that good progress has been made so far. Since the development of the policy:

  • all artwork created in the regional public art programme is in line with policy outcomes
  • 64 new public art works have been created in 17 local board areas, covering a range of types/genres and by a diverse range of artists
  • in addition to the regional public art programme budget (approximately $2.5 million) significant investment has been committed through major city developments such as the City Rail Link, Lower Queen Street and Wynyard Quarter
  • there has been a balanced programme of investment recognising high profile areas such as the CBD and in areas with limited public art.

Staff outlined opportunities to improve outcomes of the Public Art Policy and the committee approved the following:

  • streamlining the policy to make it easier to understand
  • socialising the policy and strengthening relationships for public art
  • improving evaluation and monitoring of the policy.

Staff will report back on implementation progress within 18 months.

Item 12: Appointment to TSB Bank James Wallace Arts centre Joint Liaison Body

The James Wallace Arts Trust holds the largest private collection of modern art in New Zealand. The art collection is on public display in the Pah Homestead on Monte Cecilia Park.

The relationship between the trust and the council is based on a relationship agreement including a Joint Liaison Body that facilitates decision-making by the council and the trust. The council and the trust each appoint members to the Joint Liaison Body.

Following a vacancy left by Councillor Clow who resigned from the position in June 2018, the Environment and Community Committee appointed Councillor Fletcher as a representative onto the TSB Bank James Wallace Arts Centre Joint Liaison Body.

Item 13: Submission to developing a new strategy to prepare for an ageing population

The committee approved Auckland Council’s submission to the ‘Discussion Document on a Strategy for an Ageing Population’ to be lodged with the Office for Seniors in August.

Overall, the council’s submission supports the strategy although notes the following key recommendations to improve the strategy as it is developed:

  • include local authorities, older people and communities
  • better identify services to meet the diverse needs of older people
  • promote the positive and diverse portrayal of older people
  • target support to improve living standards for older people
  • give greater consideration to the role and specific needs of kaumātua Māori
  • put stronger emphasis on the need for accessible and affordable transport and housing
  • provide support to stay in work and transition to retirement.

Item 14: Submission on Local Government Regulatory Systems Amendment Bill

The Environment and Community Committee approved the council’s submission on the Local Government Regulatory Systems Amendment Bill which is currently open for submissions.

The bill is an omnibus bill which amends various legislation that is administered by the Department of Internal Affairs and that relates to local government.