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Governing Body swears in new councillor

Published: 27 September 2018

At today’s Governing Body meeting, Paul Young was officially sworn in by Mayor Phil Goff as a new Auckland councillor for the Howick ward.

The meeting opened with a ceremony marking Councillor Young’s swearing-in attended by family, friends and supporters followed by his statutory declaration and maiden speech.

In his maiden speech, Councillor Young acknowledged Councillor Dick Quax and the contribution he made to the Howick Ward and to Auckland. He also spoke of his own commitment to Auckland and to supporting migrant communities.

Mayor Phil Goff congratulated Councillor Young on becoming the newest member of Auckland Council’s Governing Body, highlighting his ever-present commitment to the community and welcoming his election as building a more representative governing body.

Read more on OurAuckland and watch his maiden speech here.

The following is a digest of decisions made. The agenda is available on Auckland Council’s website and minutes will be added once confirmed. This meeting was also webcast on the council’s website and items are available on demand.

Other items at the Governing Body were:

Public input

The Honourable John Tamihere, Chief Executive of National Urban Māori Authority spoke on the social and affordable housing in Auckland and the performance of Panuku Development Auckland.

Dominic Foote, General Manager of the New Zealand Housing Foundation representing community housing network providers in Auckland, also addressed the Governing Body.

Mr Foote spoke on the importance of mixed tenure housing developments to address affordability and about his organisation’s support for the role of the council and the mayoral housing taskforce and the work it is doing. Mr Foote’s presentation is available here.

Notice of Motion - Councillor Cathy Casey - Affordable Housing         

In principle support was given for the need to find ways of urgently enabling more affordable housing to be built for Auckland’s workers.

In doing so, the Governing Body noted that the Mayor’s Housing Taskforce has already initiated work on “investigating new tenure and ownership models for affordable housing” and that a scope of that work and progress to date is to be reported to the Planning Committee at its October meeting.

They also requested that the report covers how the council will engage with developers, community housing groups, iwi and central government on affordable housing for workers.

Recommendations from the Appointments, Performance Review and Value for Money Committee - Value for Money (s17A) - Group Financial Services             

Governing Body approval was given for the terms of reference for the group financial services value for money review, previously approved at the Appointments, Performance Review and Value for Money Committee’s August meeting.

Referred from the Audit and Risk Committee - Quarterly Health and Safety Performance Report

The Quarterly Health and Safety Performance report was received with the Governing Body. The report noted that most of the key health and safety metric are continuing to track in the right direction.      

A copy of the quarterly report is available in the meeting agenda here (item 12).             

Recommendations from the Regulatory Committee - Public Safety and Nuisance Bylaw Statement of Proposal         

Following the recommendations from the Regulatory Committee, the Governing Body adopted the Public Safety Nuisance Bylaw Statement of Proposal, which will go now out for consultation in late October.

This bylaw sets rules to protect people from nuisance or unsafe behaviours and activities (includes offensive behaviour, damage or misuse) in public places.

Some of the changes included in the proposal:

  • Use central government legislation instead of a bylaw to address damage, car window washing, mind-altering substances, graffiti, noise, fish offal, gates in parks, fireworks in non-public places, street names and property numbering
  • Move issues about animals, signage, stormwater and traffic to existing, dedicated bylaws
  • Prohibit leaving construction materials, boats, shipping containers and consumer goods not on display for sale in public places, unless approved by council
  • Clarify the expected behaviours and restrictions on the use of public places.

Public consultation is scheduled from 26 October until 5 December 2018.


A petition was received from Puneet Dhall of 'Keep the Auckland Dockline Tram Running' on the Auckland Dockline Tram, the heritage tramway that operates in the Wynyard Quarter precinct.

The Governing Body referred the petition to Auckland Transport and Panuku for consideration and requested a report to the November Governing Body meeting.