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Monitoring Auckland's fresh water

Published: 26 March 2015

Auckland’s freshwater resources include around 16,500km of permanent rivers, 72 lakes and ponds, and extensive groundwaters. These resources provide a diverse range of habitats for birds, plants, fish and invertebrates.

Auckland Council’s Research and Evaluation Unit (RIMU) scientists have been busy monitoring the ecological health of Auckland’s streams.

This ecological information, along with water quality and hydrological data, is used to develop a ‘Stream Ecological Valuation’ score, which is an all-encompassing ‘snap-shot’ of the stream’s health and allows us to monitor changes or trends in ecological health, and manage them accordingly.

“Stream ecology in Auckland is generally excellent in natural forest catchments that have little to no human influence,” says Dr Laura Buckthought, RIMU aquatic chemistry scientist. “Urban streams have the most room for improvement as they are affected by a large range of contaminants.”

Auckland Council provides more than 20 environmental programmes, including stormwater education and NCEA resources for New Zealand secondary schools, across the region for Aucklanders who would like to get involved and help improve the local environment.

Visit Auckland Council's State of Auckland page for more information.

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