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Love of libraries spans the generations

Published: 25 November 2015

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Love of libraries spans the generations

“I have a mongrel appetite for books,” says 80-year-old Pamela Johnson.

The matriarch of four generations of Auckland Libraries users always told her children you’re never alone as long as you have a good book – and they listened.

For her daughter, Penny Williams, 53, catching the bus to the library was one of her favourite memories of childhood.

The local library has understood their love of reading for years. When Penny’s son became obsessed with trains, the staff at Titirangi Library would call her when a new book on locomotives arrived.

When given a choice between reading and watching TV, the kids would pick literature every time.

But apparently being the parent of a bookworm does have a downside. They’re almost impossible to discipline.

Laura Corkin, 24, the third generation of Auckland Libraries borrowers, enjoyed being sent to her room because there she got to – you guessed it – read some more.

Her seven-month-old, Tobias, Pamela’s great grandchild, is the latest addition to the book club. Of course he hasn’t started reading yet, but gets along to Rhythm and Rhyme at the Glen Eden Library.

His favourite is the classic author Dr Seuss; Laura says he just loves the rhythm of the words and looking at the pictures.

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