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Nixon and Gribblehirst Parks back in action

Australasian first for hybrid pitches for community-level sport

Published: 7 April 2017

Albert-Eden Local Board parks Nixon (Kingsland) and Gribblehirst (Sandringham) are both open to the public again, after almost two years out of action.

Both fields needed repair work to improve the longevity of the playing surface. Albert-Eden Local Board provided funding to lay a new state-of-the-art artificial fibre mat.

It’s the first time in Australasia a full-sized hybrid pitch has been made available for community-level sport.

Local board chair Peter Haynes says it’s a great result for sports teams, and the wider community in Albert-Eden.

“Both Nixon and Gribblehirst are heavily used, popular and centrally located parks. With the improved surface, a range of sports will get more use along with the community. The technology we’ve used is impressive and will hugely improve playing conditions.”

This new playing surface, which is a blend of natural sports turf over synthetic fibre, is expected to provide up to 70 per cent more playing capacity once it is fully established.

The technology is commonly used in sports stadiums.


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