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6 great ways to get rid of litter

Published: 11 September 2017

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It’s Keep New Zealand Beautiful Clean Up Week from 11-17 September.

Keep New Zealand Beautiful Clean Up Week runs from 11 to 17 September. It's the largest litter clean-up in the country and a timely reminder for us to do our bit to keep Auckland beautiful.

6 ways to keep litter off our streets, beaches, parks and waterways and everywhere in between

  1. Going for a picnic at one of our beautiful regional parks? Remember: if you pack it in, you have to pack it out, as all of Auckland’s regional parks are rubbish free.
  2. Pick up your dog's poo and put it in a waste bin – it’s a fineable offence not to.
  3. Cigarette butts top the list of almost every litter count in Auckland, so make sure you carry your cigarette butts until you can dispose of them in a bin.
  4. Make sure the lid to your rubbish bin is secure so litter doesn’t blow free when emptied or if overfilled.
  5. If you see litter, be a tidy Kiwi and pick it up. And why not challenge yourself to pick up two pieces of litter each week? That’s 104 bits of litter a year.
  6. Get involved in community clean-up events  keep an eye on OurAuckland for upcoming events.

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